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We do our best to keep our team up to date with the latest advances in Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Treatment.


With over 25 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery you will be assured of excellent outcomes. We take pride in our patient care ethics, precise surgical measurements, custom planning and advanced surgical techniques. We also have revisional and corrective surgery to help patients overcome unsatisfactory and disappointing results from previous surgeries done in other clinics.

Best Results

At RVB, we are proud to maintain high standards of service and provide the best care and follow-up to all our patients. Our certified cosmetic surgeons ensure the best results possible of our surgery.

Patient's Safety

Your safety is our priority. Our facility is equipped with the necessary equipment’s to insure patient’s safety. Regular maintenance and thorough inspection for quality service assurance to meet the top level of accreditation.

Major Services

Cosmetic surgery Plastic Surgery Facial Skin Care

Cosmetic Surgery

Improves a person’s appearance and self-esteem by changing the way she/he looks.

Cosmetic surgery Plastic Surgery Facial Skin Care

Skin Care Treatment

Skin Care Treatment is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions

Beauty is Our Passion

RVB Medical Group is one of the country’s foremost clinic dedicated and committed to excellence in all areas of aesthetic plastic surgery, skin care and rejuvenation.

It is our goal to build lasting relationships that is why we have created this medium to know and listen to your dreams, aspirations, and most importantly to understand your concerns and anxieties. Beauty is paramount to everybody. You have already achieved a great level of success through sheer determination and hard work. Now is the time for a new and revitalized image, the right moment to liberate your dreams and turn it to reality. Let us help you in bringing out a BRAND NEW YOU!

Dr. Romeo V. Bato and his Filipino team deliver the ultimate in cosmetic surgery and skin care in the Philippines. They have over 20 years of experience combined in a number of proven cosmetic surgical procedures: Abdominal Etching, Blepharoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck etc, as well as less invasive procedures like Botox Injections, Dermabrasion & Varicose Vein Treatment.

Dr. Bato is also one of Asia’s and the Philippines leading hair transplant surgeon & prime authority on Follicular Unit Extraction and Strip Graft.

About Dr. Bato


I want my patients to feel comfortable in sharing their concerns and anxieties about renewing their image. We have created here a venue to facilitate this with the end goal of creating lasting friendships and total satisfaction in all our clientele. Our greatest reward is the definitive transformation in the lives of our clients and the trust they have placed upon us is simply priceless

Dr. Romeo V. Bato M.D.

(02) 8872-5449 | 7738-9135

#66 Alabang Zapote Road, Pamplona Uno, Las Piñas City

RVB Aesthetics and Laser Center utilize the advanced technology and equipment to successfully treat a premature to advanced signs of skin aging. We provide a variety of facials and peels to choose from, depending on your skin type, or condition. However, each treatment targets not only your specific skin concerns but simultaneously treats and prevents the symptoms of skin aging.

In addition, to help you achieve optimal skin health and radiance we begin your journey with an in-depth medical consultation.

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Dr. Romeo V. Bato

Dr. Romeo V. Bato

Cosmetic Surgeon, General Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Charmaigne Ross E. Bato

Dr. Michael Luke T. Salinas

Cosmetic Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dra. Charmaigne Ross E. Bato

Dr. Charmagne Ross E. Bato

Cosmetic Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon

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The ideal candidate for aesthetic surgery is an individual who recognizes a specific area in which his or her appearance could be improved and has a strong personal desire to make a change. This personal desire may be influenced to some degree by the individual’s role in society. Because our culture is youth-oriented, people seek ways to counter the effects of aging on their appearance.
Pictures are taken prior to surgery to help plan the procedure. They are useful guides which surgeon will use in planning and preparing for your procedure. In addition, postoperative photos are taken to enable you and the surgeon to evaluate the results of the procedure.
You will be asked to review and sign a form that clearly describes your desired operation. This informed consent is a legal document and your authorization allows the surgeon to perform the surgery.