Top Surgery

Top Surgery in the Philippines



Top surgery is a gender-affirming surgical procedure that involves the modification of the chest for individuals seeking a more congruent physical appearance with their gender identity. It is most commonly associated with transgender individuals who are transitioning from female to male (FTM) and involves the removal of breast tissue to create a more masculine chest contour.

Candidates for TOP SURGERY

Candidates for top surgery typically include transgender individuals who identify as male or non-binary and desire a more masculine chest appearance. Eligibility may depend on various factors, including mental and physical health, age, and the specific requirements of the surgeon or medical guidelines.


Before undergoing top surgery, individuals typically undergo a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional or a surgeon specializing in gender-affirming procedures. During the consultation, the surgeon evaluates the patient’s medical history, discusses goals and expectations, and explains the surgical process.

Risks and Safety

As with any surgical procedure, top surgery carries risks and potential complications. These can include infection, scarring, changes in sensation, and aesthetic dissatisfaction. However, when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon, the procedure is generally safe. Risks and safety concerns should be thoroughly discussed during the consultation.


Preparation for top surgery involves several steps, including obtaining medical clearance, discontinuing certain medications that may interfere with the surgery, and following preoperative instructions provided by the surgeon. Mental and emotional readiness is also crucial, and patients may need support from mental health professionals.


The specific procedure for top surgery may vary based on the chosen surgical technique, which can include double incision, periareolar, or keyhole methods. Generally, the surgeon removes breast tissue, reshapes the chest, and repositions the nipples to create a more masculine appearance. The chosen technique depends on factors such as breast size and skin elasticity.


Recovery from top surgery involves a healing period during which patients may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Postoperative care instructions, including the use of compression garments and restrictions on physical activities, are provided. Full recovery can take several weeks to months, with follow-up appointments to monitor progress.


What to expect in TOP SURGERY

Individuals can expect a gradual improvement in the appearance of their chest as swelling subsides and the surgical site heals. Emotional and psychological adjustments may also occur as patients see their desired chest contour taking shape. Support from healthcare professionals, friends, and family is important throughout the recovery process.

Before and After Pictures