Argo Plasma

Argo Plasma in the Philippines

argo plasma skin tightening


Argo Plasma
Argo Plasma is an innovative technology perfect for skin tightening. The procedure allows the skin to retract through the argonium plasma jet, which, when applied, stimulates collagen production and tissue renewal. It’s indicated for patients with mild to moderate sagging and can be performed in combination with other surgeries, such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, and more.

Advantages of Argo Plasma Technology

  • energy enables selective impact at the least resistant
    tissues – the other structures remain intact
  •  spectacular and lasting effect of the procedure
  • safety, efficacy and repeatability of the process
  • high level of precision and control of the thermal effect
  • uninterrupted operation even for long and frequent
  •  the properties of argon ensure effective cooling
    of the operative field
  • minimisation of the risk of tissue carbonisation and
    smoke generation
  • constant minimum depth of the thermal effect – the limited depth where tissues are destroyed
  • accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues and
    a shorter period of post-operative convalescence