What Happens After The Breast Augmentation Procedure?

What Happens after a Breast Augmentation?

What Happens After The Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Since breast augmentation cosmetic procedures are performed under a general anaesthetic (in the vast majority of cases), you will be required to spend some time in hospital after the operation. It is common for a patient to enter the clinic at some point in the morning on the day that the breast implant procedure is scheduled. The surgery will be performed later that day, either in the morning or early afternoon to allow for immediate post-surgery observation. Usually, you will be advised to spend that night at the clinic and then you will be discharged the following morning.

You should ensure that you have a friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you for a while. You should rest and take time to recuperate; therefore an extra pair of hands around the house would be advised. You should also take any medication prescribed by your surgeon according to the instructions as well as applying any creams or ointments given to you. You will also be required to attend a number of follow-up appointments to check your progress and have any stitches removed.

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery a commitment?

Obtaining breast implants is just one small step in what is considered a long-term commitment. It is highly likely that later in life, you will require adjustment surgery, often called breast implant revision. This generally constitutes the replacement of the older, worn breast implant with a new one.

It was previously thought that breast augmentation should be replaced every ten years, however, this has recently changed following studies and observations. These days, breast implants have been designed to last around twenty years before needing to be replaced. This is probably considered more of an issue to consider if you have obtained your breast implants at a relatively young age and you will be required to undergo the frequent revision surgeries.

Lifetime Care

It is not uncommon for clinics to offer a lifetime care policy when you purchase breast implants from them. This policy tends to involve follow-up appointments as well as the ability to contact any breast implant surgeon at the clinic if you have an inquiry or problem. However, the contact of surgeons is sometimes only allowed throughout the initial follow-up phase, but this will be explained to you during your consultation.

Not only may you be offered a “lifetime” aftercare policy, but you may also be given a guarantee. The guarantee is useful in case you suffer an accident that results in your implant rupturing and you need a replacement free of charge. Again, this should be discussed with you during your consultation.

You should always be fully aware of the rights you have to aftercare before you commit yourself to breast implants at that particular clinic. You should ask your surgeon at the consultation exactly what to expect to receive from them following your surgery. If you are not satisfied with the aftercare package on offer, you may wish to consult a different clinic that is more suited to your requirements.

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